Mate in Two by Sam Loyd, American Chess-Nuts, 1868


As you might know, I have been busy with publishing my new chess book: ‘100 Headachingly Hard Mate in Two Chess Puzzles Composed by Sam Loyd’.

Thanks to the support from all the readers of the newsletter (thank you!) the book is now no. 4 on the chess-bestseller list on Amazon before the launch on 23. May!

Here comes a simple mate in two from the book, that you can try to solve (solution at the bottom of the newsletter)1:

I have also made a little video explaining my thoughts behind the book for YouTube

In my next newsletter, I’m planning to write some thoughts about my whole detoxing experience now that I have re-entered the world of social media!



1. ♖b2! (Zugzwang)
1. ... ♔c3, ♔c4, ♔c5 2. ♖c7#
1. ... ♔e3 2. ♖e7#
1. ... ♔e5 2. ♖g6#, ♖e7#