New Rapid PR on Lichess 💪🏻

Looking at the data📊


Just hit a new PR in rapid on Lichess! 2261 is my new peak rating. After hitting my previous high in February I entered a slump ending with a pause with rapid on Lichess. I do not feel like I’m playing perfect chess, so I have looked at the data to see what changed..

First, let take a look with Aimchess:

I have definitely been doing very well with White winning 67% of the games! At the moment I’m playing d4 Nf3 g3 Bg2 against most openings.
Another parameter that stands out is resourcefulness:

I definitely can remember some miraculous comeback games where I was down a piece, but decided to keep playing for tricks and complications. This shows in the statistics with 28% win rate in games that I at some point where down -4.

Looking at my Black games with it seems like everyone plays 1. e4. Do you too never face 1. d4?? I had the most problems against the French Tarrasch loosing 3 games.

I definitely think that the social media detox has helped with regaining some mental focus and I have given my opponents much more resistance when I was in a bad position.

However, I’m starting to look forward to rejoining Twitter again!